Introducing Parseco

Every person older than 16 can open a profile on Parseco after complying with the Terms of Use which you can find at:
Parseco can boost your brand awareness, as your profile will be visible to all Parseco users; it gives you the possibility to engage your subscribers in conversation, so that you can collect data on your customers and target your offerings more precisely. It also allows you to send media files to your followers along with many more features.
Parseco is a communications platform and is not supposed to substitute the specific features of your app. Instead, you can use Parseco to make your app more visible, engage your current users and acquire new customers.
Parseco is currently available for IOS and Android smartphones. We’re also in the process of making it available for Windows Phone in the near future.
No country restrictions, Parseco is available across the globe.
All you need is a valid email, mobile number and compliance with Parseco Terms and Conditions which you can find at:
Please contact us at in case you want to close your main Parseco profile. The profile will remain visible on the app with a message for the subscribers, which states the profile has been deactivated.
A detailed guide on using Parseco is presented in the Parseco Manual which is available here.
Parseco administration panel is a web interface accessible using an Internet connection and the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. You need to subscribe/log-in at

Get started with Parseco

It is a mandatory field for using Parseco features and services. It specifies policies, obligations and warranties for both parties.
There is no restriction unless in conflict with Parseco Terms of Use that you can find at:

Login & password

When you are logged in the panel, go to the top right profile image, select "UPDATE ACCOUNT". Here you can change your name or e-mail, and then simply save the changes.
Your login information is private and yours alone, only you have access to it.

Private and public channels/profiles

If your profile is not visible, it means it is still set as private. To publish your profile and make it public send a request email with your profile name at After you do, you will promptly receive an approval email and your profile will become visible. All new profiles require Parseco team approval to become published.
Your channel is not visible if your profile has not been published. Please, consult the answer for the question “Why is my profile not visible under Parseco categories?”. If your profile is public and you still cannot see the channel, enter the edit section of the channel and click on the "Public" option.
Yes, just click on the "Private" option when you create a new channel. It will be visible only to the users you invite.
When a profile/channel is “public”, any user can subscribe to it and it becomes visible in both in the recommendation and categories list. If you want to keep control on your profile/channel users, you can make it “private” (visible only to your invitees).

Manage your profile

A profile represents your main channel. Every profile can have additional channels linked to the profile. You cannot create a channel without a profile. A channel is a partition of your profile which helps you to create additional segmentation of your communication activity. The users can choose whether to subscribe only to channels of interest or to the main profile.
When a profile/channel is “public”, any user can subscribe to it and it is visible both in the recommendation and categories list. If you want to keep control on your profile/channel users, you can make it “private” (visible only to your invitees).
Please contact us at in case you want to close your main Parseco profile, provide your profile name and email address. Channels can be deleted by you at any point in time. The users subscribed will still have the profile/channel in their subscription list but there will be a message stating that the profile/channel has been deactivated.
You can create as many profiles as you want but you need to provide a different username and password for each additional profile.
You can create 9 channels in addition to your main profile, if you want additional channels just contact us at


All Parseco users can subscribe to your Profile/channel. Once they subscribe to your profile you are able to communicate with them.
Only Parseco users that have previously subscribed to your channel can receive your messages. For detailed information on how to create channels, messages and users’ list please refer to the user manual available here.


The main Parseco features for your business are: geo-targeting, geo-fencing push notifications which enable you to target users effectively. Next, you are able to conduct quick surveys, 2-way communication with open and closed answer chats. With detailed reports and statistics, user profiling, target marketing communication campaigns, effective communication messages based on end-users interests and a helpful customer care chat service you can create top of the line consumer satisfaction.
Direct impact on marketing campaign ROI improvement, conversion rate increase, SMS fallback in case there is no internet connectivity, behavioral analytics, users segmentation, and notifications containing any type of media helps you create an unprecedented user experience.
All Parseco features are free with the exception of SMS invitations, SMS fallback and SMS intelligent routing. These services are pre-paid. Therefore you will be charged only the amount you top-up. SMS features are disabled until you top-up your account. To activate these features please contact us at You can also consult our Terms of Use for additional information at:

Report something


Parseco provides you with 24/7 service support in English. Contact us over e-mail with any kind of help you might require.