Building consumer experiences through real-time messaging.

Using in-depth end-to-end user interaction, we connect
businesses and consumers in a brand new marketplace.

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Learn more about your consumers

User data helps you engage your customers more efficiently. Build extensive consumer profiles based on their Parseco activity and boost engagement in a new way.

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Parseco user profile

Tailor and target your message

Create a great new in-app experience for each user. Target your audience by demographics, location, behavior and time to send relevant messages.

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Drive loyalty and sales

Send exciting offers, discounts and perks which boost sales and customer retention - empower your community.

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Communication through Parseco

Get discovered

New to the game? Leverage Parseco's active network of subscribers and a variety of tools to reach more customers.

Our app gets your brand noticed by thousands of consumers. With seamless search options and quick recommendations, every user can easily become your subscriber.

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